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Updated Glass Bubbles fluid additive requires less to achieve target density

The 3M Advanced Materials Division introduced its new Glass Bubbles HGS4K28 fluid additive at the 2015 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston. The additive was developed to improve pressure control during drilling, completion and workover operations in depleted zones and weak formations. This lightweight additive is equipped with a 4,000-psi strength, a 0.28 grams/cu cm density and an average diameter of 30 microns. By coupling the updated version of Glass Bubbles with the company’s 19,000-psi strength Glass Bubbles HGS19K46 additive, which was launched earlier this year, operators can use less overall additive to achieve the targeted density under pressure, said Doug Rowen, Business Director of 3M Advanced Materials Division. Watch the video with DC’s Alex Endress to learn more.


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