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TWMA awarded five-year contract with Nexen

TWMA, provider of specialized drilling waste management services, has secured a five-year contract with Nexen Petroleum UK for the provision of drilling waste management and associated services on multiple assets in the UK North Sea.

More than 50 TWMA personnel will be assigned to this contract which commenced at the start of the year. The project will see TWMA provide drill cuttings processing both onshore and offshore. In addition to ship to shore solutions, the contract gives Nexen access to TWMA’s EfficientC technology for drill cuttings transfer and distribution, and its exclusive TCC RotoMill thermal processing technology for the processing of drill cuttings.

Addressing the requirement for the safe handling, treatment and disposal of drill cuttings for a number of development and exploration wells, TWMA was selected for its service quality and proven track record in this area.

Chief Commercial Officer at TWMA, Gareth Innes, said, “We are extremely pleased that Nexen has selected TWMA to provide solutions for one of the premier drilling waste management projects in the UK. This is testament to our ability to consistently add value by delivering solutions centered around safety, cost optimization and operational efficiency.

“As the worlds drilling waste specialist, our technologies provide the safest, most efficient way to handle and process drill cuttings and associated materials onshore or at source, and we are pleased that our capabilities have been recognized by another one of the world’s leading international operators.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this significant contract, and our team is very much looking forward to working with Nexen to support the successful delivery of their projects in the North Sea over the next five years.”

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