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Tally Energy Services acquires ReStream Solutions; providing real-time fracturing fluids characterization

Tally Energy Services has acquired Austin-based ReStream Solutions. ReStream’s latest commercialized technology, FracStream, is a hardware-software service that seamlessly integrates into existing hydraulic fracturing operations to provide real-time, unmanned, frac fluid characterization.

ReStream’s technology monitors, analyzes, and reports on-site frac fluid chemistry, rheology, and physical parameters into and out of the blender. It assures that the stimulation fluids are delivered as designed through every stage, enabling pressure pumpers to manage the challenges of variable water quality and chemical interactions across the whole pad. FracStream immediately identifies unexpected changes in the fluid system, such as friction reducer efficacy, total dissolved solids, and pH, and actively notifies clients in real-time. It replaces manual, periodic fluid sampling of a narrow set of parameters with an automated, continuous stream of high-quality, redundantly sampled, complete fluid system characterization. FracStream’s real-time fluid characterization is delivered onsite to the datavan and remote command centers enabling proactive management of the stimulation job and accurate downhole net-pressure analyses. FracStream has demonstrated increased pressure pumping productivity through reduced personnel costs, non-productive time, as well as optimized chemical dosing.

“Since 2016, ReStream Solutions has developed innovative and creative solutions for exploration and production operations. Our latest technology, FracStream, gets people off the well site, benefiting operational safety and driving cost savings for frac companies and guarantees E&P companies their frac fluid make-up is as intended,” Billy Roberts, Founder and President of ReStream, said. “Joining Tally allows us to enhance our capabilities and create new offerings by integrating our technology into other organizations in the Tally family.”

“Tally Energy Services’ mission is to make better wells by focusing on areas most profoundly affecting success: wellbore placement, effective stimulation, and production optimization,” Chris Dorros, CEO of Tally Energy Services, said. “ReStream’s technologies and offerings bring a unique service in completions and establishes a digital platform for our overall strategy. We are excited to partner with their team and welcome them to the Tally family.”

Tally Energy has equity sponsorship from RedBird Capital Partners and Sallyport Investments.

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