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T H Hill Associates launches DS-1 drill bit standard

T H Hill Associates, a Bureau Veritas company, introduced a new drilling standard in the DS-1 group: the Bit Inspection Technical Standard (BITS). It provides inspection procedures and acceptance criteria for fixed-cutter bits, including PDC, diamond, coring, drilling-with-casing, and bi-center bits.

DS-1 BITS benefits anyone who is affected by the inspection and use of bits for drilling applications. For bit manufacturers, products will now undergo reliable inspection each time, increasing the quality of end products and ensuring consistency in the procedures used by each inspector. For bit users, a quality inspection process provides confidence that each bit has undergone the same rigorous inspection program. Bit inspectors now have a one-stop source for the entire bit inspection process that simplifies training of new employees and providing consistent service.

“DS-1 BITS is an excellent addition to the DS-1 global standard,” Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice President, Industry & Facilities North America, Bureau Veritas, said. “The continued development and expansion of the DS-1 standard give T H Hill and Bureau Veritas the most comprehensive and technically sound standard in the drilling industry.”

The BITS standard is available for purchase now in either hard-copy or electronic format, and if purchased by May 1 includes access to T H Hill’s web-based BITS training course, providing free instruction on how to implement the standard.

“T H Hill’s expertise and experience improve the reliability and safety of drilling operations across the globe,” Thomas Redlinger, Vice President, Industry North America, Bureau Veritas, stated. “With every new addition to the DS-1 standard, T H Hill continues to solidify its standing as a leader in drilling quality assurance, engineering and technology.”

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