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SIMMONS EDECO completes onshore drilling campaign in Mexico

SIMMONS EDECO announced it has completed a second series of development drilling of wells for a major oilfield services company in Mexico.

A second series of wells was successfully drilled on schedule in Mexico for a major oilfield services company by SIMMONS EDECO, this time on Panuco Field.

Drilling on the first of three horizontal wells on the Panuco Field commenced in late November 2019. The wells were drilled to measured depths in the 890-m range on relatively small lease sizes of approximately 60 by 70 m. Although the wells are in relatively flat, accessible terrain, the small lease size required the use of a drilling rig that can operate easily within a confined space.

SIMMONS EDECO used the MD Cowan Super Single drilling rig, which has a compact footprint. As a result, all wells were completed as planned in late January 2020 with only three hours of nonproductive time. The entire operation, from mobilization to demobilization, was completed in 56 days.

The Panuco Field drilling operation was carried out by a team of approximately 40 experienced crew members, primarily from Mexico, assisted by engineering staff and technicians based at the SIMMONS EDECO base in Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Veracruz.

“This operation further underscores our ability to provide solutions for our customers. In this case, drilling horizontal wells within a limited space,” Niels Versfeld, CEO of SIMMONS EDECO, said. “We’re very excited about this because it provides concrete evidence of the fact that we effectively drill a wide variety of wells to target depth, whether they are deviated or horizontal. The fact that it was achieved without a single reportable safety incident and minimal downtime is a tribute to the safety culture that we have worked hard to nurture with this customer over the years.”

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