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DP Technology releases new additive manufacturing software for powder bed fusion market

DP Technology is enhancing their support of additive manufacturing processes with a new software specifically for the powder bed fusion market. Called ESPRIT Additive for Powder Bed, the program comes as an add-in application for SolidWorks, a computer-aided design (CAD) program.

Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, is a nascent element of modern manufacturing. Within that group, powder bed fusion represents a specialized technique in which a heat source melts and fuses raw, powdered material together to create a 3D object.

ESPRIT Additive for Powder Bed Fusion is compatible with any file supported by SolidWorks. One standout feature of the new software is the patented Part-to-Build. When preparing a part for manufacturing, the program automatically assigns exposure strategies based on simple inputs from the user.

ESPRIT Additive for Powder Bed Fusion also introduces a slicer that boasts unparalleled accuracy thanks to a parametric workflow model. Once the part is ready to slice, it may be imported to the job environment as many times as needed.

“This optimized workflow saves our users even more time by eliminating the need to repeatedly define the manufacturing information,” Clement Girard, Product Manager for Additive Solutions for DP Technology, said. “Additive for Powder Bed Fusion improves consistency by ensuring a part is built the same way each time and maintains traceability by recording each step from the original 3D CAD file.”

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