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Seadrill launches AI-enabled safety technology to monitor Red Zone

Seadrill has announced the introduction of Vision IQ for offshore drilling rigs, a next-generation AI-enabled safety technology, which monitors and provides advanced warning of potential risks in the Red Zone. The Red Zone is the area of the rig floor where heavy drilling equipment operates and the risk of injury is highest. Seadrill plans to make the technology behind Vision IQ available to peers as part of its commitment to driving safety in the industry.

  • Vision IQ was piloted on a Seadrill drilling rig under contract in offshore US Gulf of Mexico with an international oil company.
  • Vision IQ will be deployed on 12 rigs by the end of 2020.
  • Vision IQ possesses an automated safety process to identify offshore workers in the Red Zone and eliminate human error.
  • Vision IQ is a non-exclusive solution developed by the Marsden Group, a leading global technology company, in conjunction with Seadrill.

Vision IQ combines artificial intelligence (AI), laser imaging, detection and ranging (LiDAR) and advanced edge computing technology to ensure safer and more efficient operations in the Red Zone for all Seadrill’s offshore rigs and drillships. Comparable to the use in autonomous vehicles, LiDAR technology surrounds the Red Zone of the rig to create a dynamically monitored environment, while Vision IQ’s advanced AI technology allows real-time monitoring of the Red Zone using 3D visualizations.

This holistic view enables users to pinpoint the exact position of crew members on the rig floor in relation to moving heavy equipment and provide advanced warning of potential hazards, thereby limiting scope for human error. Vision IQ is precisely engineered for offshore drilling and can be integrated into the rig’s anti-collision system (ACS), creating a more unified, seamless approach to safety.

The introduction of Vision IQ is a significant step forward in improving offshore worker’s safety. For this reason, Seadrill has committed to voluntarily share the technology behind Vision IQ with its peers in the industry. The importance of Vision IQ in revolutionizing the industry cannot be understated.

“The introduction of Vision IQ is a major advancement in ensuring worker safety and improving the environment for our offshore crews,” Anton Dibowitz, CEO of Seadrill, said. “The safety of our people and our operation is fundamental, it is the cornerstone of our business. Vision IQ will help transform Red Zone Management.” 

“We have committed to sharing this technology with the wider industry as it is the right thing to do, given the significant safety benefit it provides,” Mr Dibowitz added. “Vision IQ also supports Seadrill’s sustainable business approach, as safety is at the heart of our culture and will deliver a safer operation for our customers.”

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