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DynaEnergetics surpasses one million DynaStage system sales

DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global, announced it has sold more than one million DynaStage (DS) factory-assembled, performance-assured well perforating systems from its new Blum, Texas, and Mt. Braddock, Pennsylvania, manufacturing facilities. DS systems have been adopted as a critical well-completion tool by service companies and operators working in every major unconventional oil and gas basin in North America.

“We developed the DS product family with the intent of positively transforming the safety, efficiency and reliability of the well completion process,” Ian Grieves, DynaEnergetics’ President, said. “Eclipsing one million DS system sales is a clear indication we are succeeding in our objective.”

“There has not been a single safety incident associated with the use of the DS system,” Mr Grieves added. “In addition, the enhanced operating efficiencies and reliability enabled by the DS product family are accelerating perforating cycle times and driving down well completion costs. Service companies exclusively utilizing DS systems are achieving perforating success rates in excess of 99.99%, which has led to greater efficiency of related well completion activities such as pressure pumping.”

The enabling technology within the DS product family is its intrinsically safe initiating system (IS2). The patented, solid-state initiator is free of internal wiring and is triggered by a digital signal from surface. Unlike competitors’ resistorized detonators, which the IS2 system is replacing, DynaEnergetics’ initiators are immune to stray voltage, stray current and radio frequency. These safety features enable parallel operations at the well site and allow customers to forego powering down generators, cell-phones and related equipment during perforating. In addition, IS2 systems enable electrical testing of the entire perforating gun string, including all detonators and igniters.

DS systems are shipped directly to the customer’s well-site or staging facility and do not require field wiring or component assembly. To build a gun string, the customer simply inserts the wireless IS2 detonator and attaches the adjacent DS system – a process that takes seconds. The simplicity of the DS system enables service companies to streamline their field crews and staging facilities. DS systems also are completely disposable, eliminating the need to reclaim connecting subs and components.

DynaEnergetics recently added three models to the DS product family: DS Trinity 4.0, DS Trinity 3.5 and DS NLine. The Trinity systems address growing industry demand for compact, or “length-optimized” perforating guns. At 7 in., DS Trinity 3.5 is the shortest perforating system in the market. DS NLine enables alignment at surface of all shaped charges in a gun string, as well as the orientation of the gun string downhole. NLine gives completion engineers greater design flexibility as they work to improve their well stimulation programs.

“Our IS2 systems, combined with our performance shaped charges and factory-assembled, performance-assured packaging options, enable customers to select from more than 2,000 DS configurations to address their perforating objectives,” Mr Grieves said.

In response to industry demand, DynaEnergetics recently completed a $70 million expansion of its manufacturing and assembly capacity in the US and Germany.

“Our IS2 initiating systems and DS perforating systems have transformed the performance of the well completion industry, and are enabling a much more competitive and value-added business model for our service-company customers,” Mr Grieves said. “Through ongoing product innovations and collaboration with our customers, DynaEnergetics will continue to lead our industry.”

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