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Saudi Arabia launches initiative to address supply chain challenges

Saudi Arabia announced the launch of its Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (GSCRI), which aims to enable investors from all sectors to benefit from the country’s resources and capabilities and support and develop these value chains. Through the initiative, the country aims to ensure the provision and sustainability of supply chain access to all parts of the world effectively and with highly competitive advantages.

The GSCRI is one of the initiatives of Saudi Arabia’s National Investment Strategy, launched in October 2021. It outlines a multi-step process to boost investment in the country’s supply chain: identifying and developing investment opportunities and presenting them to investors; establishing a number of special economic zones in the near future, through which an attractive environment can be created for investors; and attracting the regional headquarters of international companies to the country.

Saudi Arabia is also working to implement regulatory and procedural reforms in various aspects, which, in turn, will contribute to further improving the investment environment and increasing its attractiveness and competitiveness.

The country hopes to attract $10.6 billion (SAR 40 billion) of industrial and service investments in global supply chains through the GSCRI.

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