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Sarni: Industry has opportunity to do more with less water

While some analysts are projecting a 40% shortfall in water supply by 2030, the oil and gas industry is doing what it does best – innovate. “You’re seeing a lot of technology innovation – using less water, recycling, reusing water and collaborating with other partners – so that we do not have to follow that trajectory,” said Will Sarni, Director and Practice Leader of Enterprise Water Strategy Sustainability and Climate Change at Deloitte Consulting. Mr Sarni moderated a panel on water stewardship at the 2014 Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference in Houston on 18 November. He believes the energy industry has an opportunity to do more with less and also influence other industries to follow its lead.

Click here to read how industry is targeting new ways to manage, recycle and reuse water from the November/December issue of Drilling Contractor. The magazine also is available on the DC Digital Reader.

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