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Weir Oil & Gas launches latch back pressure valve system to increase safety, reliability of drill-thru operations

Weir Oil & Gas announced the availability of the new Weir Latch Back Pressure Valve (LBPV) Drill-Thru System. The LBPV Drill-Thru System, available with Weir’s Unitized Lock-Ring (ULR) Wellhead and S-29 Lock-Ring Wellhead, provides greater efficiencies and a safer operating environment for drill-thru operations while the operator is drilling for 4½ or 5½-in. liner string.

The Weir LBPV Drill-Thru System is specifically engineered for modern drill-thru operations. Instead of a conventional thread profile, which can get damaged while running the drill bit through the wellhead, the new system uses a proprietary latch design. Weir’s design eliminates the threat of damage to the BPV, nonproductive time (NPT) from stuck drill bits, and potential pressure integrity issues—protecting personnel and equipment.

Unlike the conventional H-Type BPV, the Weir LBPV System features a streamlined design that simplifies retrieval, replacement, and maintenance. The NPT cost for traditional BPV operations can be more than $100,000, but the Weir LBPV System reduces human error and expenses, resulting in immediate improvements in reliability.

The Weir LBPV System has a pressure rating of 15,000 psi and can be installed using a dry rod lubricator or high-tier hydraulic lubricator to set the plug into place. It provides operators the confidence of knowing the latch will hinge every time, even if wear is present. The LBPV system also offers easy retrievability and replaceability.

“Our Latch Back Pressure Valve System addresses some of the greatest challenges drilling engineers face,” said Paul Coppinger, President, Weir Oil & Gas. “We engineered our LBPV Drill-Thru System to take the entire drilling operation into account. The latch technology enables drilling crews to improve overall well design cost and well performance—by allowing them to drill deeper and more efficiently, reduce NPT, and mitigate the possibility of a catastrophic pressure event.”

The Weir LBPV Drill-Thru System is supported by Weir Edge Services, Weir’s global service offering. With service and training centers in every US basin and every part of the globe, Weir Edge Services supports operators with a three-pronged approach that includes global access to local engineering experts, engineered repairs with aftermarket support, and digital empowerment tools for Weir and other OEM equipment, all within a three-hour trip.

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