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Rival Downhole Tools brings downhole motors and friction reduction tools to market

Rival Downhole Tools, a provider of drilling and thru tubing motors and tools to the upstream oil and gas industry, announced the launch of two proprietary products, Rival PDM and Rival FRT.

Rival PDM is a patented, performance drilling motor designed to exceed downhole performance and reliability requirements. Rival FRT is a patent pending downhole friction reduction system that creates axial movement along the drill string, increasing both the rate of penetration and the reach in drilling and completion operations.

“The timing is great for us,” Neil Fletcher, CEO of Rival, said. “Ashmin has developed reliable downhole tools for over fifteen years and, as Rival, we’ll take that expertise direct to our customers via our new product offering. We work in partnership with our customers, utilizing our sales, engineering and operational expertise to add sustainable value to their operations.”

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