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Secure-NOK, Siemens announce cybersecurity partnership

Secure-NOK, a Norwegian cybersecurity company specializing in industrial cybersecurity, and Siemens have partnered to integrate Secure-NOK’s innovative cybersecurity solutions into Siemens’ portfolio of rugged industrial network components.

Today, power grids, hydropower plants, oil & gas installations, manufacturing facilities, transportation systems and many more are becoming increasingly digital, automated and interconnected. This makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks (once a concern exclusive to IT infrastructure). Such cyber attacks cause disruption and can potentially have catastrophic consequences.

Secure-NOK helps owners of industrial assets and installations to protect against the growing risk of cyber attacks. Built into the Siemens portfolio of rugged network components, Secure-NOK’s innovative SNOK technology is now available to the market, supplementing the Siemens Industrial Security portfolio. SNOK is a scalable, distributed, small data solution designed to perform local detection of malware, espionage, sabotage or other harmful cyber-events. SNOK is designed to be implemented on industrial sites, running on hardware with limited computing power.

“This partnership agreement represents a milestone for Secure-NOK” Dr Siv Hilde Houmb, Secure-NOK’s CEO and Founder, said. “As a result, our solutions are now widely available through Siemens distribution channels globally. Also, through this agreement, Secure-NOK strengthens its position as a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions uniquely designed to fit industrial needs.”

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