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Remove the barriers to automated MPD to enable automated well control

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Automated MPD can enable automated well control, making for a generally safer and more efficient drilling operation. However, barriers remain that obstruct industry’s implementation of automated MPD, including liability and traditional roles and responsibilities. Drilling contractors are typically responsible for equipment integrity on the rig, but during MPD operations, rig crews don’t take responsibility for pressure control equipment until an influx has occurred due to the industry’s current MPD responsibility matrices. This can create logistical confusion during a well control event, said Blaine Dow, Marketing and Technology Manager at M-I SWACO. “There’s a hurdle about responsibility and ownership of the actual equipment because of the type of event that is taking place,” he said. “If the drilling contractor is to own the MPD equipment, then that liability issue actually starts to dissolve a little bit.” Watch this video from the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Tech Forum on 7 September in Houston to learn more.

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  1. Good point. It may help if Class Societies stay out of operations and strictly concentrate on pressure retaining and pressure controlling devices as they do for other aspects of drilling, well control and servicing. Leave well planning and implementation to API, IADC, etc.

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