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PSA Norway: Industry, regulators must work together to reverse trend on safety

Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) Norway is challenging the oil and gas industry to reverse some troubling trends. In a presentation at the 2017 IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference on 27 September in Amsterdam, Sigve Knudsen, PSA Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, said the last couple of years have been characterized by serious incidents and safety challenges. To help reverse this trend, the Norwegian regulator has identified three areas of special focus: robustness, standardization and inter-party collaboration. Watch DC’s video with Mr Knudsen as he explains the PSA’s work in these three areas and how it plans to achieve visible and measurable results.

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  1. These trends always occur when there are cut backs in the industry, safety is the first thing to go. The only way to overcome this is for the operators to keeps spending money on safety inspections, audits etc. Companies are always quick to talk the talk about safety, but when the money is tight it all goes out the window unfortunately, a step change in attitude is required.

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