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From the President: Amidst economic hardship, IADC chapters, committees retain focus on safety, technical innovations

Jason McFarland
Jason McFarland, IADC President

As we approach the halfway point of 2016, our industry remains mired in a deep downturn. As of this writing, the rig count is down more than 70% from where we were just two years ago.

While the current market correction is always top of mind, I would like to use this space to recognize that there is important and innovative work happening throughout the industry and within IADC – even in this time of economic struggle and sacrifice.

At IADC, we recognize that safety remains a paramount focus for our industry. While drilling operations are now significantly safer than in previous generations, and decades of safety data show a continued downward trend in incidents, serious incidents remain a reality. Working together to ensure that our teams are prepared, trained and able to work safely wherever our assets are deployed around the world is a high priority. In recognition of the importance of safety in our industry, two IADC chapters recently held events to recognize member companies that demonstrate a commitment to safety.

In April, the IADC North Sea Chapter held its annual Safety Awards event in Aberdeen, which recognized the very best in safety performance for 2015. Similarly, the IADC Nigeria Chapter presented their safety awards in March, recognizing superior records for companies operating in that geography. The chapter has made huge strides since it was established in October 2012, and it recently announced a goal to help members reduce NPT by 15-20% by 2018.

IADC’s committees also focus on safety and overall improvements for our industry. Over the past year, the IADC Workforce Development Committee successfully introduced the Competence Assurance Guidelines for Building a Successful Program. The group also launched Gateway, the first accreditation program for training providers launched through the Workforce Attraction and Development Initiative.

Further, the IADC Cybersecurity Subcommittee recently published the “IADC Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Cybersecurity Risks to Drilling Assets.” The ebook is the only available guidance that targets drilling operations. It draws from international standards to provide a means to assess the risk to drilling rigs from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is top of mind for many as our technology grows increasingly sophisticated. The publication of the guidelines is a further indication of IADC members’ abilities to recognize an important issue, then draw together to provide a solution.

The IADC Technical Publications Committee, with a goal of publishing peer-reviewed books to educate and guide industry personnel at all levels, has been particularly prolific in the past several years. The recent publication of “Well Cementing Operations” and the “Drillers Knowledge Book” indicate a strong commitment to providing relevant resource materials.

Equally as important is the IADC Supply Chain Committee’s development of a suite of supplier metrics and the Rig Entry & Exit Process for the United States document. In addition, there are the technology forums held by the Drilling Engineers Committee, which provide valuable insight into important industry topics.

It’s difficult to recognize all of the work that IADC’s 15 chapters and 16 committees have worked on and produced. The scope of projects on which these groups have collaborated is too immense to condense into these 600 words. That fact should give us all a deep sense of pride.

We have much to be proud of. Innovation is a hallmark of our industry. We continue to prove that even amidst a time of deep economic hardship, we can and will work together to develop solutions that address our critical problems. DC

Innovation is a hallmark of our industry… Even amidst a time of deep economic hardship, we can and will work together to develop solutions that address our critical problems.

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