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Precision Drilling receives awards for innovation and technology

Precision Drilling has been named the 2020 Energy Excellence Awards “Innovation & Technology Excellence” champion. This award recognizes Precision’s Alpha digital suite, which includes AlphaAutomation, AlphaApps and AlphaAnalytics, as it relates to productivity, savings in time, financial management, safety, and changes to environmental performance. Additionally, in 2019, Precision was awarded Hitachi’s Transformation Award for Data Insights Optimization, which recognizes Hitachi customers who collaboratively drive positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Precision has spent over three years implementing, trialing, and field-hardening its open-collaboration automation platform. In late 2019, the company announced full commercialization of AlphaAutomation and currently has 40 systems deployed with over 1,400 wells drilled throughout North America. This platform supports both third party and internally developed applications, including Precision’s full suite of AlphaApps, designed to enhance the drilling process with on-bottom optimization and cost control. Additionally, Precision’s AlphaAnalytcis further improves decision making and execution by delivering high-fidelity data in real time from both the automation platform and the drilling equipment control system. Precision recently announced that it has partnered with a major US customer to trial run AlphaAnalytics on all of their Precision rigs.

In combination with its standardized Super Series rig fleet, Precision leverages its robust technology offering to further drive performance through its core strength of integrating data insights, human ingenuity, automation consistency and smart algorithms to drill better wells.

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