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Perenco starts five-well drilling campaign offshore Cameroon

Perenco Rio del Rey, a Perenco Cameroon subsidiary, began a five-well development drilling campaign on the Kita Eden field, in the northern section of the Rio del Rey Basin offshore Cameroon.

As a result of its challenging shallow waters (4m) and strong currents, no drilling has taken place in this field since 1984. However, Perenco and its services subsidiary, Dixstone, have successfully designed and built a shallow water barge specifically for the campaign. The barge will complement Dixstone’s LUG platform, which over the past five years has delivered over 16 million barrels of oil in Cameroon.

The drilling campaign forms part of Perenco Rio del Rey’s commitment following the 2023 signing of a twenty-year license agreement with the Cameroon state and partner, Addax Petroleum Cameroon.

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