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Terry Loftis named chairman of DNV Rig Owners’ Committee

Terry Loftis, director of engineering of Transocean and vice chairman of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee, has been appointed chairman of DNV’s Rig Owners’ Committee.

Robert Douglas (“Doug”) Lawler

Mr Loftis, who is also chairman of ART’s Drilling Control Systems Subcommittee, has been actively engaged with Transocean’s engineering development and newbuild design program for the past decade.

Chesapeake taps Anadarko senior VP as new CEO

Robert Douglas (“Doug”) Lawler has joined Chesapeake Energy as its CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

He previously served as senior vice president, international and deepwater operations at Anadarko Petroleum. He has 25 years of experience in the upstream exploration and production industry.

Songa Offshore appoints Bjørnar Iversen as CEO

Songa Offshore SE has appointed Bjørnar Iversen as the new CEO. Mr Iversen originally joined the company as president of Songa Rig AS and previously held several senior management positions, including member of the executive leadership team at Odfjell Drilling AS for the past 12 years.

Wärtsilä to provide system for Axis Offshore rig

Wärtsilä will supply a fully integrated power, propulsion and positioning system for a DP3 accommodation rig being built in China. COSCO (Qidong) Offshore is the yard constructing the vessel for Singapore-based drilling contractor Axis Offshore.

Halliburton opens Rio technology center

Halliburton has opened its new technology center at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Technology Park. The center provides the setting for collaboration as the company works with the country’s universities and customer research groups to establish a global center of expertise for deepwater and mature fields.

The 7,062-sq-meter facility includes specialized laboratories, a collaboration room, a testing area, and conference and training rooms.

“Technology has played an important role in addressing our customers’ challenges, particularly in Brazil’s deepwater as well as mature field environments,” said Tim Probert, president of Halliburton’s strategy and corporate development.

Cameron’s new aftermarket drilling facility will serve major shipyards and drilling contractors across Asia.

Cameron opens aftermarket drilling facility in Singapore

Cameron opened a new aftermarket drilling facility on 22 May in Singapore. It will primarily serve major shipyards and offshore drilling contractors across Asia, as well as provide aftermarket support for Cameron customers. The facility is part of a $120 million multi-year global investment in Cameron’s aftermarket drilling business.

Schlumberger expands geology, fluid analysis capabilities

Schlumberger has acquired Gushor, a Canadian-based company that specializes in the integration of geology, fluid properties, petroleum geochemistry and reservoir engineering information.

“The addition of Gushor will enable us to better support our E&P customers by complementing our leading fluids and rocks technology portfolio with geochemical and fluid property analysis capabilities,” said Sameh Hanna, president of testing services for Schlumberger.

DSL derrick inspectors course gets industry accreditation

DSL, an API- and IADC-certified training provider, has achieved API accreditation of its “Derrick Inspectors” training course and exam, in accordance with API 4G and 4F. This is the first industry-recognized training for derrick inspectors to date.

CDL announces joint venture with 3D at Depth

CDL, a provider of subsea monitoring equipment, has created a joint venture with underwater specialists 3D at Depth to introduce a range of underwater scanning technology. The companies collaborated on CDL’s most recent product launch – INSCAN, a 3D scanning subsea laser for the oil and gas industry. It offers subsea angle and range measurements at tens of meters with subcentimeter accuracy.

Newpark Drilling Fluids opens new HQ, R&D lab

Newpark Drilling Fluids, a provider of customized and integrated drilling fluid solutions, has opened its new world headquarters and laboratory facility in Katy, Texas. The 106-sq-ft facility features a research and development laboratory, including field services lab, a downhole drilling simulator and a range of analytical capabilities.

Scientific Drilling opens new facility in the Philippines

Scientific Drilling International has opened a new facility in Manila, the Philippines. The center will manage operations for the Philippines, Japan, China and Papua New Guinea.

GE wins PEMEX subsea contract, introduces modular frac manifold

GE Oil & Gas has signed an $84 million agreement with PEMEX to supply and install subsea wellheads for deepwater and ultra-deepwater drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico. This is GE’s largest agreement with PEMEX to supply subsea high-capacity wellheads.

Additionally, GE Oil & Gas’ Pressure Control business is adding modular frac manifolds to its fracturing services portfolio. The modular frac manifold is a skid-mounted assembly designed to safely allow simultaneous frac operations on multiple well pads. Each self-contained unit consists of a customized array of actuated valves, blocks and frac head outlets and is engineered to safely isolate each well during stimulation. Multiple manifolds can be installed side by side to accommodate specific wellsite requirements.

Tesco introduces compact top drive, Casing Drive System

Tesco has completed the testing phase for two products, the HXI 150-ton top drive and Hydraulic Compact CASING DRIVE SYSTEM (HCCDS).

The HXI 150t is lighter and smaller than the HXI 250t and allows operators to transition the top drive between mobile rigs. Generating 24,000 ft/lbs of drilling torque, the HXI 150t is designed for the horizontal and vertical stages of the well, including drilling sections, driving casing to total depth and cementing the casing. Its integrated safety interlock of the process logic controller system and driller’s control panel maximizes operating efficiency while minimizing risks.

The HCCDS is a compact version of the company’s 500-ton CASING DRIVE SYSTEM. Replacing conventional power tongs, traveling elevators and the stabbing board, the HCCDS allows circulation, rotation and reciprocation of the casing to ensure it reaches casing point while improving cement bond and wellbore integrity.

Tesco believes the HCCDS can eliminate risks associated with conventional casing-running equipment.

Click here to view an exclusive video with Tesco about the HXI 150t and the new casing drive system.


M-I SWACO introduces new dual-deck shale shaker

M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, has introduced the MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker. When combined with DURAFLO composite screens, the MD-2 shaker provides optimal solids control performance for drilling applications.

The dual-deck shale shaker was developed using the proven design of the offshore-suited MD-3 triple-deck shaker, and design elements from the onshore-suited MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker.

In a South Texas field trial, a customer was drilling a 22-in. hole using two conventional shakers, but due to capacity limitations, there was low rate of penetration. To optimize solids control performance, one MD-2 shaker was provided, which processed drilling fluid at a rate of 658 gal/min, more than twice than the two conventional shakers combined.

Caterpillar unveils well stimulation pumps, Tier 4 engine

Caterpillar Global Petroleum has launched the Cat Well Stimulation Pump for the well service market. The pumps, available as a 2,250-bhp triplex pump or a 2,500-bhp quintuplex pump, feature fluid ends and power ends designed to an industry-standard footprint so the they can be easily fitted to existing trailer designs.

The company also has unveiled its US EPA Tier 4 Final 3512E (HD) engine. It will meet emission standards with an NOx Reduction system and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Offered with ATAAC and SCAC configurations in two power rating of 2,250 bhp at 1,800 rpm, and 2,500 bhp at 1,800 rpm, the new engine will be available for order in 2014.

New Ulterra PDC bit lowers bit torque, vibration

Ulterra has introduced CounterForce, a new PDC bit design technology that uses a unique cutter configuration that lowers bit torque and vibration.

In an Eagle Ford tangent drill-out interval, a CounterForce bit set a rig ROP record drilling 41% faster than the closest offset, saving the operator 15 hours and $50,000. In a Permian Basin Wolfcamp lateral, a CounterForce run finished the lateral a dramatic 42% faster ROP than direct offsets, saving the operator an entire day of drilling.

TAM International offers new line of elastomers

TAM International has launched a new line of FastSwell elastomers that provides a controlled swell time at lower temperatures and high salinities.

The new elastomers were developed for challenging water-swell conditions in the US Permian Basin and Russia frac markets and are able to perform in frac applications between 80°F and 120°F (32°C to 49°C).

FastSwell does not rely on protective coatings to prevent premature swelling during the trip in the hole.

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