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Patterson-UTI showcase offers look into performance-enhancing, emission-reducing rig technologies

On 26 January, Patterson-UTI hosted a showcase event at its rig-up yard in Houston, Texas, highlighting the company’s low-carbon technologies, such as the EcoCell battery storage system, as well as providing a tour of one of its APEX rigs. In this video taken from the event, DC speaks with several of the company’s leaders: Mike Holcomb, COO of Patterson-UTI Energy, who talks about challenges that the industry faces in building a strong workforce; Kathryn Roark, VP of Diversity and ESG; and Katy Holst, VP of Technology.

The video also includes DC’s conversations with Danny Rehg, Co-Founder and CEO of Patterson-UTI subsidiary Criterion Energy Partners, about its work in the geothermal space, and with Akshay Sagar, President of another subsidiary, Universal Pressure Pumping, about how its dual-fuel pressure pumps can help lower emissions.

DC also talked to Keegan O’Brien, a member of the IADC Student Chapter at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette who attended the event, to get his thoughts on why the oil and gas industry still holds value for young people looking to start their careers.









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