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P&A solution shows promise in Aker BP’s 30-well campaign in Valhall field

Extensive testing over the past two years reveals that BiSN’s Wel-lok technology has delivered as promised for Aker BP’s 30-well P&A campaign, conducted in the Valhall field in 2020. The companies had worked together to create the permanent plug and abandonment (P&A) solution, which will also allow for new wells to be drilled and operated for the next 30 years, according to BiSN.

“As part of the success story, we are monitoring the same wells today, and we’re proud to say that out of the 30 wells today, there is no leakage,” said Kjetil Vadset, Senior Drilling Engineer, Aker BP. The technology was tested for two years prior to commencing the campaign.

The active campaign that took place in 2020 provided 30 environmentally friendly permanent seals in the Valhall field. By implementing the Wel-lok technology instead of traditional cement, BiSN estimates that the campaign saved approximately three months of rig time, or approximately $2 million per well. 

As part of the campaign, BiSN delivered the largest bismuth plug ever deployed to date. Produced at its UK facility, the tool weighed in at 33,191 lb and sealed up to 30 in. in the wellbore. 

“We’re very proud. The operation has gone beyond expectations. We planned and hoped for 72 hours per installation. We’re down to 33 hours per installation just now,” Mr Vadset said.

The Wel-lok technology has so far been commercially applied to 11 applications, including water shut-off, cement repair, packer repair and plug and abandonment. 

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