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OTC 2018 announces Spotlight on New Technology Award Recipients

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) announced that 17 technologies will receive the 2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award, two of which are being recognized in the Small Business category.

The Spotlight on New Technology Awards – a program for OTC exhibitors – showcase the latest and most advanced hardware and software technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

Spotlight Winners

booth-1263-aegion-acs-facility-picAegion Coating Services, producer of ACS HT-200

ACS HT-200 is an ultra-high temperature subsea wet insulation system for pipelines, risers, field joints and subsea equipment with operating temperatures up to 204°C (400°F). This end-to-end deepwater solution is comprised of an anticorrosion coating covered with an insulation layer and topped with a tough polypropylene exterior.


n-type-icemann-ampelmannAmpelmann, producer of N-type

As the only motion-compensated gangway system of its kind in operation, the N-type “Icemann” enables safe people transfer year-round in harsh winter conditions up to 18°F/-28°C. The fully enclosed and insulated system is operational in sea states up to 3.5 m significant wave height and certified under the winterization design code DNV-GL-OS-A201.


terradapt-finalBaker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), producer of TerrAdapt adaptive drill bit

Unlike conventional bits that are limited to a single depth-of-cut (DOC) control setting, the BHGE TerrAdapt adaptive drill bit autonomously adjusts DOC to mitigate stick-slip and expand the smooth drilling window with no surface interaction. Revolutionary adaptive DOC-control elements automatically adjust the bit’s aggressiveness based on the formation it is drilling.

Click here to view a video on Baker Hughes’ TerrAdapt self-adapting drill bit

deepfrac_1Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), producer of DEEPFRAC deepwater multi-stage fracturing service

The BHGE DEEPFRAC deepwater multistage fracturing service leverages tools and techniques perfected in unconventional plays to improve the efficiency and economics of offshore completions. DEEPFRAC utilizes ball-activated sleeves and patented BeadScreen flowback control technology. The service simplifies operations, accelerates completion times and enables rapid stimulation of 20+ stages in a single trip.

rarplus-otc-with-logoDelmar Systems, producer of RARPLUS

The RARPLUS technology gives drilling rigs the capability to completely release from their moorings within minutes to evade ice floes, cyclonic storms and well emergencies, or to simply increase rig move efficiency. With a backup mechanical release function, the RARPLUS system provides reliable flexibility to DP/moored rigs operating in shallow water.


dril-quip-hfre-4Dril-Quip, producer of HFRe – Hands Free Marine Drilling Riser System

The Hands Free Marine (HFRe) drilling riser is an automated system designed for HPHT applications with efficient operations incorporating SmartSpider technology. This technology reduces risk and operational costs by providing critical feedback and eliminating rig floor personnel during installation. HFRe utilizes a boltless, fatigue-resistant 4-million-lbf coupling which has been tested beyond API 16F/TR7 requirements.


expro-nglsExpro, producer of Next Generation Landing Strings (NGLS)

Expro’s Next Generation Landing String (NGLS) provides the optimal subsea well intervention and commissioning system for the global oil and gas industry. Delivered in accordance with new API 17G standards, it combines cutting edge technology with ground-breaking analysis and validation to provide the complete safety system solution.


geobalance-offshore-mpdHalliburton, producer of GeoBalance Automated Managed Pressure Drilling System

The Halliburton GeoBalance Automated Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware enabling automated managed pressure control from drilling to completion. It combines automatic chokes, rig pump diverters, flow metering and advanced control algorithms with proven hydraulics modeling to provide accurate pressure control at discrete points throughout well construction.


aldHalliburton, producer of 9½-in Azimuthal Lithodensity LWD Service

The 9 ½-in azimuthal lithodensity (ALD) logging-while-drilling (LWD) service from Halliburton Sperry Drilling is the industry’s first large-borehole LWD service capable of delivering azimuthal density, photoelectric and ultrasonic caliper measurements to enhance reservoir understanding and reduce well time in borehole sizes ranging from 14 ½ in to 17 ½ in.


iwocs-fj-1LORD, producer of 10K Completion Workover Riser Flexible Joint

The compact size of the 10,000-psi flexible joint allows smaller vessels to operate a top-tensioned riser without a stress joint or telescopic joint, enabling lower-cost high-pressure interventions. When replacing a bottom stress joint, the significantly lower moment on the wellhead enables more workovers per well, extending field life.


novos-otc-spotlightNational Oilwell Varco, producer of NOVOS

NOVOS is the industry’s only reflexive drilling system, automating repetitive drilling activities, benefiting contractors by allowing drillers to focus on consistent process execution and safety, and benefiting operators by optimizing drilling programs. The NOVOS system provides the ultimate control and consistency for any operation.


seabox-solo01National Oilwell Varco, producer of Seabox

Seabox is a disruptive, yet simple concept which makes it possible to treat seawater at the seabed, and thus provide high quality water for reservoir pressure support to the industry. Driven by the suction pressure of a downstream pump, Seabox provides superior disinfection and sedimentation capabilities without adding chemicals.


oceaneering-e-rovOceaneering International, producer of E-ROV System

The E-ROV is a self-contained, battery-powered remotely operated vehicle system capable of operating for extended periods of time without being recovered to surface. Comprising an electric ROV, 4G connection buoy and subsea cage, the system reduces cost and risk without the need for a surface vessel.


geofusion-transparentOliden Technology, producer of GeoFusion 475 Laterolog Resistivity and Imaging LWD tool

GeoFusion Laterolog Resistivity and Imaging Tool is a drilling, formation evaluation and production optimization solution. It provides high-resolution and high measurement range array quadrant resistivities even while sliding. Augmented by bit-resistivity and high-resolution wellbore resistivity images and azimuthal gamma images, GeoFusion offers ideal solutions to drillers, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers.

fire-resistant-penetrator_no-logoTeledyne Marine, producer of FlameGuard P5-200 electrical penetrator

The offshore industry’s first patented fire-resistant electrical penetrator reduces risk to personnel and assets. The penetrator, rated for 5 kV and 200 A at 5,000 psi, is designed for safe operation in potentially flammable atmospheres where ATEX and IEC Ex standards apply, such as those found on offshore platforms.



Spotlight Small Business Winners

coreall-icsCoreAll, producer of Intelligent Coring System

CoreAll has developed and introduced the Intelligent Coring System, the first core drilling technology to provide real-time transmission of formation evaluation data to surface. Along with downhole diagnostics and core jam indicators, this improves data quality and saves time and cost in exploration activities.


new-booth-8257-tck-w-online-inspection-system-1Luoyang Wire Rope Inspection Technology, producer of TCK.W Automatic Real-time Online Wire Rope Inspection System

The TCK.W Automatic Real-time Online Wire Rope Inspection System will revolutionize periodic human visual inspection and bring in-process safety monitoring to its highest state through continuous inspection during operation.


Spotlight Award Committee Chair Paul Jones said that advancements such as these allow the oil and gas industry to operate more safely, sustainably and efficiently.

“As OTC celebrates its 50th edition, we reflect on the innovations that have been achieved throughout the past five decades,” Mr Jones said. “We can never forget that its companies like the 2018 Spotlight Award winners that are driving the technological advancements necessary to propel our industry for the next 50 years.”

Winning technologies were selected based on the following criteria:

  • New: less than two years old;
  • Innovative: original, groundbreaking and capable of having a major impact;
  • Proven: through full-scale application or successful prototype testing;
  • Broad Interest: broad appeal for the industry; and
  • Significant Impact: provides significant benefits beyond existing technologies.

For a fourth year, OTC will also support and recognize the innovative technologies being developed by small businesses with the program’s Spotlight on Small Business Award. In addition to meeting the above criteria, a small business honoree must be independently owned and operated or a not-for-profit concern and have no more than 300 employees for the 12 months preceding the application deadline.

“For the past five decades, OTC has been a global hub for people and companies that seek to learn about and share the latest technological advancements in offshore energy,” Wafik Beydoun, OTC 2018 Chairman, said. “OTC was created as a place to cultivate innovation with the future in mind, and the unparalleled work displayed by our Spotlight Award Winners exemplifies this ideal.”

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