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Self-adapting bit adjusts based on formation to reduce stick-slip, improve ROP

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As drilling in heterogeneous formations becomes increasingly common, it can be difficult to ensure the right bit is selected for a given job, particularly if downhole changes occur, said Danielle Fuselier, Product Manager-PDC Drill Bits at Baker Hughes. In interbedded formations, stick-slip is another common challenge. To address these challenges, Baker Hughes has developed the TerrAdapt self-adapting drill bit, which was launched on 14 March at the 2017 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands. In this video, Ms Fuselier explains how the bit’s depth-of-cut elements can expand or retract based on the formation to avoid stick-slip and improve ROP. She also discusses results achieved so far at the company’s test rig in Oklahoma.

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