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OEUK documentary highlights the talent behind UK’s energy industry

Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) released a documentary (“The Time is Now: the UK’s Changing Energy Industry”) focusing on the UK workers leading the country’s efforts toward net-zero energy supply.

Produced in partnership with Scotland-based documentary maker Thomas Hogben, the documentary “captures the hopes, fears and ambitions of some of the people working on the frontline of the UK’s energy transition,” OEUK said in a statement.

The film was launched online following two screening events in Aberdeen and London at which key political stakeholders, energy producing companies, trade unions and members of the workforce came together to hear firsthand from those working to support the UK and Scottish governments achieve their ambitions to become net zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2050 and 2045, respectively.

The documentary looks into the personal lives of those trying to decarbonize the oil and gas industry, as well as expanding into wind, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage. It also explores some of the steps already being taken by the sector to reduce its own emissions and decarbonize the UK’s infrastructure – including the electrification of offshore platforms and increasing the use of carbon capture and storage of emissions.

“This film shows the real people working day in and day out to transform the UK’s energy system. They are great examples of the sector’s stars, addressing the biggest challenges facing society today by applying their ingenuity, commitment and conviction,” said Alix Thom, Workforce Engagement Manager at OEUK. “We hope that this film demonstrates the diverse range of talent we have working in energy, and the broad range of fascinating roles available.”

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