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Bernie Wolford (right), President and CEO of Diamond Offshore Drilling, received the 2023 IADC Contractor of the Year award from Joe Rovig, President, Rig Technologies and Aftermarket Group at NOV, at the IADC Annual General Meeting in Austin, Texas, on 10 November.

Bernie Wolford receives IADC Contractor of the Year honors at Annual Meeting

Bernie Wolford, President and CEO of Diamond Offshore Drilling, was named 2023 IADC Contractor of the Year in November. The annual award was established in 1988 to recognize an individual drilling contractor’s outstanding lifetime achievement in technical innovation, safety and economic efficiency within the drilling industry. It is the only industry award reserved solely for drilling contractors.

A member of the IADC’s Executive Committee, Mr Wolford was essentially born into the industry. Raised in Kilgore in East Texas, his father made a career out of working in the land drilling business. After graduating in 1981 with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University, Mr Wolford went to work for TransWorld Drilling as an Engineer, eventually serving as Project Manager, Drilling Superintendent and Operations Manager at the company.

After TransWorld was acquired by Noble in 1991, he went on to take significant management positions within the company. In 2018, he was named CEO of Pacific Drilling, where he remained until April 2021, shortly after Pacific and Noble announced their merger. One month later, Diamond Offshore named him its new President and CEO, the position he currently holds.

IADC’s inaugural 3-Gun Competition, held 20 October in Todd Mission, Texas, featured 108 participants competing in morning and afternoon shooting flights. The competition raised money for Camp Hope, a Houston-based interim housing facility for combat veterans and their families suffering from PTSD.

IADC supports DrillersPAC, charity benefitting US combat veterans with inaugural 3-gun shooting competition

On 20 October, IADC held its inaugural 3-Gun Competition to generate awareness for DrillersPAC, IADC’s political action committee, and raise funds to support US combat veterans. The competition was held at Renaissance Shooting Club in Todd Mission, Texas. It consisted of a morning shooting flight and an afternoon shooting flight, with lunch and a raffle in between for all participants. 

DrillersPAC helps maximize the impact of IADC’s advocacy efforts by raising money to support political candidates aligned with IADC members’ policy goals. The competition also raised $11,000 for Camp Hope, an interim housing facility. It is operated by the PTSD Foundation of America, an organization that helps combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

IADC launches all-new ISP database for streamlined data reporting, tracking

IADC is introducing a newly revamped system for its Incident Statistics Program (ISP) in January after a  year-long development process. The new system gives users direct access so they can upload data into a web-based system, as well as create on-demand, tailored reports containing visual analytics. 

Click here to learn more about the IADC Incident Statistics Program.

IADC establishes new Geothermal Committee

In December, the new Geothermal Committee began operation under the Drilling Services Division of IADC. The committee, which is chaired by Scott Farmer of Helmerich & Payne, is currently working on guidelines aimed at providing practical guidance for drilling contractors and service companies involved in geothermal well construction.

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