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Neptune Energy begins drilling ninth production well at Rӧmerberg field in Germany

Neptune Energy announced drilling has begun on a new production well at its operated Rӧmerberg oil field in the Rhine Valley in southwestern Germany. It is the ninth production well on the Rӧmerberg field and is expected to come on-stream in Q4 this year. Average production from the field is approximately 2,000 BOED.

“Securing energy supplies is a top priority across Europe and particularly here in Germany. By unlocking additional supplies of much-needed domestic energy, Neptune is supporting the needs of industry and consumers in Germany,” said Andreas Scheck, Neptune Energy’s Managing Director in Germany.

An application to increase production from the field, currently limited to 500 tons/day of crude oil, is in the final stages. Once approved, Neptune intends to progress plans to drill additional production wells to develop the reservoir further. The new production well is being drilled with a rig operated by Drilltec, with final vertical depth of around 2,180 m, expected to be reached in October this year.

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