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Huisman introduces design for low-emission harsh-environment semisubmersible

Huisman is proposing a new design for a harsh-environment semisubmersible that the company says can help drillers and operators to realize significant emissions reductions. The new-design rig would contain an energy storage system and run on onshore-produced hydroelectricity, via a power cable from a nearby platform. It could also be powered by floating wind turbines moored nearby. The company said in a statement that these power-generation systems could lead to a reduction in emissions as high as 86% per well compared with a conventional harsh-environment semisubmersible.

“We think it’s important that the exploitation of fossil fuel reserves is done as efficiently and cleanly as possible. It is our vision to drive the growth of renewable energy while making fossil fuel extraction more sustainable,” said Dieter Wijning, Product Manager at Huisman.

The new-design rig would also include a low-drag electrified robotic drilling system, as well as a heave-compensated drill floor that can increase productivity and uptime.

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