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Maersk Drilling secures additional five-well contract with Petrogas

Maersk Drilling and Petrogas have agreed to an amendment of the previously entered contract for the provisioning of the harsh-environment jackup Maersk Resolute, under which an option included in that contract will be replaced by a newly entered five-well drilling contract which will employ Maersk Resolute to drill three wells at the A15 field and two wells at the B10 field, both of which are located offshore the Netherlands.

The contract is expected to commence in Q1 2024, in direct continuation of the rig’s previous work scope, with an estimated duration of 188 days. The minimum contract value of the drilling contract is approximately $24.3 million, including an agreed fee for the use of the rig’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, and with provisions included to potentially increase the day rate depending on market conditions. The drilling contract further contains an additional one-well option.

“We’re pleased to confirm that Maersk Resolute will continue on a drilling campaign after completing its current plugging and abandonment work scope. This contract is yet another testament to our excellent collaborative relationship with Petrogas, which includes a shared commitment to protecting the environment – something that has a particularly high priority in operations in the Dutch North Sea,” said Maersk Drilling COO Morten Kelstrup.

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