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LORD announces new models of hammer union pressure transmitter

LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology has announced improvements to its pressure transmitter designed for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations measuring well and wellbore fluid pump pressure.

Constructed of all welded stainless steel, the Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter offers 4-20 mA output and is available in two industry-standard hammer union sizes (Weco 1502 and Weco 2202). Each one is offered in an intrinsically safe or explosion-proof product configuration. Tested by well service companies and offering proven performance and reliability in harsher shale formation fracturing applications, all units come standard with shock and vibration protection.

“Our improved design takes advantage of the new electronics now approved for global hazardous use, so it offers even broader range of applicability,” said Patrick Sears, Lead Engineer for LORD Sensing. “Key benefits include longer life under the harshest sensing conditions, improved EMI (electromagnetic interference) immunity, and high-bandwidth measurement response.

Compared with other products on the market, the transmitter offers improved fatigue rated sensing element design. The transmitter also delivers better accuracy performance, making it well suited for higher-end processes like modern measurement while drilling applications. Adding sensing element material options like Inconel, as well as abrasion-resistant coatings, ensure long life in the harshest of sensing media. Reliable electrical connections are assured with a welded integral connector or field replaceable option to enable service in the field.

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