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Lessons from aviation: Monitoring system detects minute deviations from normal operations

The aviation industry has been using airplane health management (AHM) systems to perform prognostic health monitoring of airplanes and related equipment for years. Such systems help airlines detect potential problems before they occur, which not only helps ensure safety but also helps with cost reductions and the avoidance of schedule delays. Under the Boeing AHM application used by United Airlines, the airline can detect when the engine is turning even a single revolution faster than it should be, Rick Searway, Manager of Aircraft Maintenance for United, said at the 2017 IADC Asset Integrity and Reliability Conference in Houston on 23 August. In this video from the conference, Mr Searway explains the benefits United has seen from using AHM, how the company operationalized the system, and how the oil and gas industry could benefit from similar monitoring systems.

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