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Insulated drill pipe designed to protect BHA electronic tools in geothermal applications

In order to drill the deeper and hotter wells often seen in geothermal and high-pressure, high-temperature oil and gas applications, drillers must properly manage temperatures at the bottomhole assembly (BHA). Not only will proper temperature management ensure the survival of downhole electronic tools, it can also help improve drilling performance, said Alex Vetsak, Well Construction Advisor at Eavor Technologies. In this video interview with DC from the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) Q4 2023 Tech Forum on 1 November, Mr Vetsak discussed Eavor’s insulated drill pipe, which was designed to minimize heat transfer from the annulus. Mr Vetsak explained how the tool, first developed last year, helps deliver drilling fluid to the BHA up to 75°F cooler than non-insulated drill pipe. He also outlined the lessons learned from three field trials conducted with the drill pipe.

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