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Independence Contract Drilling deploys 11th rig to Permian Basin

As the US strives to reach energy independence, Chris Menefee, Vice President of Business Development for Independence Contract Drilling (ICD), believes the land drilling business will see more opportunities for growth. ICD, which was founded in 2012, began mobilizing its 11th rig – ShaleDriller 209 – on 1 December to the Permian Basin. ICD is creating a standardized fleet that features 1,500 hp, walking capabilities and bi-fuel capabilities. “We have four customers that are actually utilizing the bi-fuel capabilities and have seen a tremendous savings in those benefits,” Mr Menefee said. IADC recently visited ICD’s manufacturing facility in Houston. ICD will continue to build more rigs in 2015, three of which have already been contracted.

Ed Jacob, Director, President and COO of ICD, was recently named IADC Contractor of the Year and 2015 IADC Chairman.


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