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IADC reflects on 80-year history as it looks to pave path to success for next 80 years

From the Chair

In 1940, a group of visionaries gathered to start what would become the International Association of Drilling Contractors. They believed that drilling contractors needed a collective voice to advocate for their interests in our industry. Now, 80 years later, IADC is still here. We have weathered massive industry changes with regard to technology and automation, as well as the market ups and downs, but we have remained true to the original vision and ideals for the association.

Given our long and successful history, it is my honor to serve as this year’s Chair for IADC’s 80th anniversary year. I have been fortunate to have had a long career in this industry, and I’ve worked for drilling contractors since the very beginning. I’ve witnessed the small and large changes that have made our work more efficient, safer and more respective of the environments in which we work, and I’m proud of where we stand today.

Julie Robertson, 2020 IADC Chair

Having said that, we haven’t slowed down our pace with regard to innovation. Every aspect of our industry is constantly being analyzed for opportunities to make efficiency gains and to even better protect our work family and the environments surrounding drilling operations, while also educating the public and legislators about the benefits of our industry. These challenges are not unique to any individual company, and it is in this space that IADC has value.

As we head into a new decade, IADC is continuing to represent and advocate for our industry with regulators and governments worldwide. The new year finds new blood in our international development group, with several new voices – all with years of expertise in their regions – joining the IADC staff to advocate for worldwide issues.

Similarly, in the US, our DRILLERSPAC will be active in this election year, working to support candidates who understand the value our industry provides.

We have talked a lot over the years about advocacy at IADC, but I want to stress the huge value we all receive from this work. It is a fact that the drilling contractor perspective is unique within the energy industry. Throughout the years, IADC has earned a seat at the table with global standards bodies and with regulators, and with members of Congress, to share this perspective and ensure our collective voice is respected.

Beyond advocacy, IADC committees are continuing to work together on new and innovative solutions to common problems. And the IADC Accreditation group is working to introduce training programs that will address knowledge decay and gaps, as well as new specialized training curriculum.

We also recognize that proactive engagement with the next generation is crucial to our industry’s long-term success. At IADC, we continue to look at ways we can attract and retain younger oilfield workers, as well as encourage a more diverse workforce. As part of this effort, we plan to continue to grow our network of student chapters, and we hope to grow the still relatively new IADC Young Professionals Committee.

Our strong 80-year history is only possible because IADC’s members show up. Your participation makes IADC relevant and valuable.

My career was made possible by people along the way who took the time to invest in me, who shared their knowledge and encouraged me to seek opportunities. Today we call that mentorship. The opportunity to share the knowledge gained through experience, the good and the bad, can only enhance the careers of the next generation of oilfield workers. With more than 1,000 member companies, IADC certainly has a few people who can share hard-earned knowledge and lessons learned with the next generation. It’s invaluable to those who are at the beginning of their careers, and IADC’s student chapters provide a near-perfect opportunity to share and invest in the next generation.

Our strong 80-year history is only possible because IADC’s members show up. Sharing your knowledge on our committees, networking at conferences and local chapters, mentoring our student chapter members, advocating for our industry with local and state governments, contributions to the IADC DRILLERSPAC, and in many other ways large and small, your participation makes IADC relevant and valuable.

I’m thankful for all of you who show up, and share and volunteer your knowledge, experience and expertise. I look forward to working together this year to ensure that this vibrant association can enjoy another 80 years of continuing to serve the interests of drilling contractors. DC

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