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IADC gives DIT accreditation to several Survivex courses

The IADC is a leader in developing standards for industry training.  Through its Drilling Industry Training Accreditation Scheme (DIT) it aims to regulate courses delivered by different providers, to ensure course objectives are met and that suitably qualified and experienced individuals deliver that training.

Health and safety training provider Survivex has focused on the attainment of internationally recognized course accreditations throughout 2015.  Following recent awards from NEBOSH and the American Petroleum Institute (API), the organization has also received several new approvals from IADC.

“Our focus throughout this year has been about improving and expanding our course offering for our international clients,” Survivex CEO Andrew Green said. “Whilst our internal courses have been developed by our team of technical experts and take into account legislation and industry best practice, the importance of accreditations cannot be underestimated. International awarding bodies such as the IADC, API and NEBOSH go a long way to demonstrating the quality of training that will be received by clients choosing Survivex as their preferred provider.”

Twelve internally developed Survivex courses now carry the IADC DIT stamp of approval.  These include Fire Extinguisher Training, Forklift Truck Operator, COSHH, PUWER, Offshore Crane Operator and Rigging & Lifting amongst others.

The journey to accreditation includes an audit of the training provider’s management systems procedures by a Technical Review Panel as well as the examination of course contents.

“The Survivex brand is quality assured and industry accredited, as is demonstrated by the array of approvals held from accrediting bodies,” Mr Green said. “In an increasingly competitive sector it’s essential to stand apart from the crowd as well as to clearly convey to our clients that we offer a level of training that is recognized across international markets.”

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