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Hydrogen and fuel cell company among new participants in Halliburton Labs program

Halliburton Labs is introducing FuelX, LiNa Energy and Solaires Entreprises as the newest participants in its clean energy accelerator program. The companies will join a collaborative ecosystem that includes industrial capabilities, technical expertise and global network connections to scale their businesses.

The move is part of Halliburton Labs’ ambition to advance clean energy innovation. Halliburton Labs helps early-stage companies achieve commercialization milestones with supportive resources that expand customer and investor prospects to enable growth.

“We’re excited to support FuelX, LiNa Energy and Solaires with the tools they need to achieve their goals,” said Halliburton Labs Managing Director Dale Winger. “Each participant company receives customized support to enable efficient use of their time and capital by engaging Halliburton’s scaling experience and capabilities.”

FuelX manufactures hydrogen storage materials and fuel cell power systems to accelerate the decarbonization of “things that move.” The company uses alane solid state hydrogen fuel. These systems have more energy per weight than lithium-ion batteries and more hydrogen per volume than standard hydrogen systems, which makes it possible to electrify the most demanding mobility applications.

“Participation in the Halliburton Labs program accelerates our ability to scale to meet existing military and commercial project milestones,” said Greg Jarvie, co-founder and CEO of FuelX.

LiNa Energy develops and provides low-cost, solid-state sodium batteries, with a focus on the renewable energy storage market, and Solaires Entreprises develops next-generation solar cells.

The next Halliburton Labs Finalists Pitch Day is 21 September in Denver, Colo. It will anchor the first-ever Energy Tech Day at Denver Startup Week and will include pitches from early-stage energy tech companies.

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