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H&P automated geosteering system improves awareness, decision making in directional drilling

Automated geosteering offers a comprehensive view of the well plan and geology, giving drillers an early indication of whether they’re in the center of their target and whether they need to slide. This technology can help to enhance wellbore quality while lowering cost, said Kyle Underwood, Technical Sales Representative at Helmerich & Payne (H&P).

Speaking to DC from the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) Q3 2023 Tech Forum in Houston on 19 September, Mr Underwood explains how H&P’s Bit Guidance System has helped the company make optimal decisions in directional drilling. He outlines some of the algorithms the driller is using with this system, as well as the point-and-shoot software that combines user inputs to determine the best well plan based on current wellbore position.

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