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Ensign aims to streamline data access through standardization project

Ensign Energy Services has seen an uptick in the utilization of its Automated Drilling Control System (ADCS) in North America. The ADCS operates based on an initial well plan that directs the drilling process. However, the data exchanged between the operator and drilling contractor for that well plan often varies in structure, leading to potential errors.

In this video interview from the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) Q3 2023 Tech Forum in Houston on 19 September, Nickolas Brown, a Graduate Student Researcher at the University of Wyoming and a Drilling Solutions Engineering Intern at Ensign, talks about a project the company is undertaking to change how operators input data, ensuring more reliable data entry with fewer errors and reduced costs. Mr Brown outlines how the project will standardize the data input process, creating a reliable data source for all stakeholders in a given E&P project. The standardization, he said, will result in easier data accessibility, faster processing times and smoother data transfers between companies.

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