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Halliburton, VoltaGrid enter multi-year contract with Aethon Energy for electric fracturing system

Halliburton and VoltaGrid have entered into a multi-year contract with Aethon Energy to deploy an all-electric fracturing system in the Haynesville Shale.

The system combines Halliburton’s all-electric fracturing spread, featuring the Zeus 5,000-hp electric pumping unit, with VoltaGrid’s power generation system to offer increased reliability and real-time emissions tracking.

“All-electric fracturing represents an exciting approach to our overall strategy to reduce emissions in our operations,” said Paul Sander, COO and Partner at Aethon Energy. “We’re pleased to work with Halliburton and VoltaGrid to utilize more sustainable fracturing solutions and look forward to realizing enhanced operational efficiencies for our industry.”

“We understand the importance of efficiency in high performing fracturing operations,” said Michael Segura, VP of Production Enhancement, Halliburton. “Our innovative all-electric fracturing solutions deliver superior performance while significantly reducing fuel costs and emissions for our customers.”

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