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Halliburton, Voltagrid develop electric fracturing system for Chesapeake Energy

An e-frac system developed by Halliburton and Voltagrid reduced emissions for Chesapeake Energy by 32% and applied over 25 MW of lower-carbon power generation by leveraging Chesapeake’s local field gas network.

Halliburton and VoltaGrid announced the first successful deployment of an electric fracturing solution. This project is the first pad in a multi-year contract with Chesapeake Energy, with more than 140 stages in the Marcellus. It combines Halliburton’s all-electric fracturing spread, featuring the Zeus 5,000-hp electric pumping unit, with VoltaGrid’s advanced power generation system. The solution reduced emissions for Chesapeake by 32% and applied over 25 MW of lower-carbon power generation by leveraging Chesapeake’s local field gas network.

“By safely reducing our emissions profile without impacting the reliability and performance of our operations, this partnership has exceeded our expectations and further demonstrates our commitment to leading a responsible energy future as we continue on our path towards achieving net-zero direct emissions,” said Patrick Finney, Chesapeake’s VP – Completions.

Chesapeake credited the two technologies for reducing emissions and driving additional fuel savings. Unlike other pumping units that may average around 3,000 hp, a single Zeus pumping unit delivers 5,000 hp at over 22 bbl/min. Halliburton’s all-electric spread features a newly designed large-bore, dual-manifold trailer, which allows the Zeus pumps to achieve higher rate capacities with fewer failure points. With its electric-based powertrain and industry leading pump technology, the Zeus pumping unit delivers 40% higher performance than conventional pumps. This spread also provides electric blending, wireline, and ancillary equipment.

“Halliburton’s Zeus fracturing operation exceeds expectations of what is possible with electric fracturing technology,” said Michael Segura, VP of Halliburton Production Enhancement. “Being able to sustainably deliver higher performance on a prolonged basis reflects the performance and reliability built into this electric pumping equipment.”

Using VoltaGrid’s emissions portal, Chesapeake can track and analyze real-time emissions and carbon intensity throughout the completions operation, allowing the operator to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

“Chesapeake is the first operator to use the VoltaGrid system on an electric frac operation,” said Nathan Ough, CEO of VoltaGrid. “The exceptional performance of VoltaGrid allowed Chesapeake to quickly scale power generation to meet the high intermittent demands of a modern completions design.”

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