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Sapura Drilling awards Halliburton with offshore well construction contract

Halliburton announced that Sapura Drilling, a subsidiary of Sapura Energy, has awarded it an offshore integrated contract.

Sapura, with Halliburton as its technical partner, will execute an integrated rig drilling completion (i-RDC) contract for a six-well offshore well construction program for a major gas development project. The integrated nature of the contract opens the pathway for Halliburton, in collaboration with Sapura Drilling and Petronas, to synergistically deploy its Halliburton 4.0 digital platform.

Digital technologies will include the complete suite of Digital Well Program, Digital Well Operations and Digital Well Automation, all DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications. Consistent with Halliburton 4.0, the scope of work also includes key digital technologies from Sperry Drilling, Cementing, Drill Bits, Baroid, and Completions product lines. The campaign is the first integrated project of its kind in country that combines rig services with all aspects of planning, operations and automation.

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