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Halliburton releases intelligent rotary steerable system

Halliburton released the iCruise Intelligent Rotary Steerable System, a technology that delivers faster drilling, accurate steering and longer laterals.

Today operators need to efficiently and reliably drill longer laterals faster which requires a drilling system that can steer accurately through high-angle wellbores in one run and achieve target depth on time and on budget. The iCruise system provides the highest mechanical specifications available with 400 RPM and up to 18 degrees/100 ft dogleg capabilities to drill fast and with greater accuracy.

The product’s modular design can be configured to drill a long lateral or to increase accuracy in formations where well trajectory changes rapidly. Steerability and cutting efficiency can be further improved by matching the new Halliburton GeoTech drill bit with the iCruise system.

“Halliburton has engineered a rotary steerable system that incorporates advanced sensors and electronics, sophisticated algorithms and high-speed processors to help operators place wells more accurately, reduce well time and maximize asset value,” Lamar Duhon, Vice President of Sperry Drilling, said. “The system can also guide decisions around drilling parameters, vibration mitigation and maintenance to improve reliability.”

Operators have deployed the iCruise system in multiple basins around the world including in North America and the Middle East. In North America, the product helped an operator drill more than one mile in a complex reservoir while geosteering through a 30 ft productive zone. The system maintained the wellbore 100% in the reservoir reducing time and maximizing recovery.

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