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Halliburton introduces ultradeep boundary mapping service

Halliburton Company introduced EarthStar X, a near-bit, ultradeep reservoir mapping sensor designed to increase well placement accuracy. The service helps users detect geological changes early, enabling quick well trajectory correction to remain in the most productive zones and maximize asset value. Integrated shallow resistivity measurements allow early reserves evaluation and accurate fluid characterization to further improve reservoir insight while lowering operational complexity and risks.

The EarthStar X service accurately maps the geology in three dimensions using ultradeep azimuthal resistivity measurements and inversion processing to geosteer, geostop and geomap. Real-time fluid and bed boundaries visualization can place the well in the reservoir’s most productive zone and increase the section’s net-to-gross value. The industry’s closest ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity sensor to the bit can detect formation changes early and make timely well path adjustment to avoid early exits.

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