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Aberdeenshire-based start-up develops new technology to accurately and safely measure and analyze flow data

New automated technology to accurately and safely measure and analyze flow data on offshore installations is being launched by an Aberdeenshire-based start-up.

GM Flow Measurement Services (GM Flow) has developed smart, disruptive technology which could see it become a global market leader in flow measurement.

The start-up business, whose products have secured the support of Scottish Enterprise, is now gearing up for rapid growth after completion of successful field tests.

Their technology is based around two metering products which are safer, more robust and more accurate than others on the market. The meters have a smaller footprint, so they can save on space on the well site, as well as eliminating the need for manual intervention and costly production shut-downs.

Established in 2014, GM Flow has been developing a range of smart, safe and reliable flow measurement services and products to support production, exploration, and well services operations.

“We’ve spent the last four years developing and testing our products and are confident we have an intelligent but simple solution to the challenges in getting accurate flow data and then using the analysis more effectively,” Gavin Munro, Managing Director of GM Flow Services, said.

“We are aiming to become the industry’s new standard in gas flow measurement metering and, as a result, grow the company significantly in the UK and overseas,” Mr Munro added.

“Our expert team helps customers to fully understand and manage their flow measurement requirements; whether it be for fixed or portable well testing separator, custody transfer, gas-lift, fuel gas or high-pressure gas re-injection,” Mr Munro said. “Our new range of technology can overcome field operational constraints and functional concerns with conventional devices and equipment.”

From robust test and production separator applications to intelligent flow meters to accurately analyze gas and water injection, GM Flow designs, develops and delivers disruptive technology and expertise for both on and offshore developments around the globe.

The firm also specializes in gas lift and general oilfield liquid and gas pumping flow measurement applications. Its service portfolio includes design, provision, commissioning and testing of specific flow projects, large and small. 

Meeting industry demand for a bespoke gas flow measurement tool, GM Flow has launched Adjusta-Cone – an automatic and fully adjustable, differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Having recently completed successful field trials in the North Sea and the Middle East, the device is a safer, more accurate and cost-effective alternative to conventional dual chamber orifice plate fittings for flow measurement. 

For well services, GM Flow can also resolve the common problems associated with measuring high-pressure nitrogen gas flow during well testing, coiled tubing milling and gas lift operations with Integra-Cone. The device is specifically designed and developed as a high-pressure nitrogen flow meter.

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