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Gardner Denver launches 1,000 gal/min, lightweight pump for horizontal directional drilling

The new GD 800HDD pump features a flow rate of more than 1,000 gal/min, while a light weight eases transportation between work sites.

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (GD) has expanded its suite of pump offerings for the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market with its new GD 800HDD pump. The pump features a flow rate of more than 1,000 gal/min, making it suitable for the most demanding HDD projects. Its light weight eases transportation between work sites, and its high rod load rating of 53,000 lbs ensures the pump is tough and long lasting. The pump is also designed to operate at a slow run speed, delivering the same output, flow and pressure as faster pumps with less violent actions, wear and friction. By delivering fewer strokes, consumable life is extended.

The release of the GD 800HDD pump follows the launch of the company’s 250HDD pump last year, which expanded GD’s pump options into the HDD space for the first time. GD pumps are both qualified as maxi rig pumps and provide a suite of options to the HDD industry when tunneling under rivers and roads and laying sewerage systems, water pipes, fiber optic lines and pipelines.

Adam Avey, Engineering Supervisor for GD, said, “As an extremely powerful but lightweight 800 brake horsepower (BHP) pump, the GD 800HDD is an ideal fit for the HDD market, which has traditionally been reliant on heavy, less mobile oil and gas drilling pumps. The quintuplex (5-cylinder) pump runs with great efficiency and can make fast work of the largest HDD projects. Additionally, there is no requirement to change pistons to meet any required pressures.”

Brandon Janda, High Pressure Industrial Product Line Director for GD, said, “Our pumps serve as an American-made, rugged and reliable industrial pump option for the HDD market. In addition to its manufacture, customers can be confident that the pump’s aftercare service and replacement parts also originate from within the US. Our service personnel can be onsite for any HDD pump maintenance and parts requirements, helping customers reduce downtime, extend consumable life and ultimately tackle bigger, tougher HDD projects in less time.”

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