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Nabors SmartROS platform integrates with Halliburton’s Digital Well Program

As the digital transformation continues to enhance oil and gas industry practices, a challenge that has yet to be addressed is the efficient interoperability between a well plan and its execution at the wellsite. Traditional methods utilize static documents for the well plan. This legacy process results in limited validation of the plan and inconsistent communication between the parties, fails to capture changes that may be required based on operational conditions, and impacts the ability to capture and leverage lessons learned. These shortcomings require additional time spent managing multiple iterations of the plan and ultimately less consistent operational execution as a result of an incomplete plan.

Nagaraj Srinivasan, SVP Halliburton Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions and Consulting said, “By automatically communicating our industry leading Digital Well Program engineering designs in the form of drilling activities for execution by Nabors SmartROS, Landmark and Nabors Drilling Solutions (NDS) have fundamentally changed the way wells are constructed. Not only is it a key step toward overall drilling automation, but a catalyst to unleash continued innovation to lower cost and improve reliability of well construction.”

Subodh Saxena, SVP NDS, added, “We are excited to integrate our unique and leading SmartROS rig automation platform with Halliburton’s Digital Well Program through our SmartPLAN open interface. In addition to providing our customers with a seamless digital experience for interactive rig activity planning, scheduling, and coordination, this integrated offering also enables optimization of the drilling recipes and workflows for automated drilling and wellbore placement.

Halliburton is working with Nabors to connect digital well planning from Well Construction 4.0 with onsite execution using the Nabors’ SmartRig system, helping customers increase efficiencies, access well elements and real-time information.

The Landmark and NDS solution utilizes an open architecture and provide operators with the ability to integrate seamlessly into their existing workflows and utilize these solutions right out the box.

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