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GA Drilling & ZeroGeo collaborate on deep geothermal power project

GA Drilling and ZeroGeo Energy have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in developing a 12MW Hot Dry Rock Geothermal power plant in Lower Saxony, Germany (Projekt THERMO). This marks the first of many deep geothermal and geothermal energy storage projects in Europe between the two.

“We are delighted to be working with GA Drilling to develop and deliver Projekt THERMO, an endeavor primed to be successful and profitable,” said John Ashbridge, CEO of ZeroGeo. “Their extensive drilling experience and innovative geothermal drilling technologies, paired with ZeroGeo’s network and operations, is the right foundation to attract the consortium necessary to finance, build and operate Projekt THERMO.”

The partnership brings GA Drilling’s technology to Projekt THERMO, with ZeroGeo serving as the operator. This initial project underpins a focus on accessing geothermal anywhere in the world, with the ability to provide deep geothermal drilling regardless of location.

“ZeroGeo is a group with a focus and momentum that has attracted a strong network and partners to really get geothermal projects off the ground,” said Dusan Kocis, COO and co-founder of GA Drilling. “The need for clean baseload power is real, and geothermal has the highest potential to deliver that safely and securely. We’re excited to be collaborating with ZeroGeo to help address the power needs in Europe.”

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