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Expro to deploy single shear and seal solution for deepwater field in Gulf of Mexico

Expro has secured a contract with a major operator for the first deployment of its single shear and seal high-debris 15K ball valve assembly.

The multifunctional single shear and seal mechanism will form part of a full subsea deepwater completion/intervention system being designed by Expro for a deepwater subsea field at about 6,600 ft (2,000 m) in the Gulf of Mexico.

The mechanism is designed to answer the customer’s requirement for a versatile, single-valve subsea solution rather than the conventional double-valve system, while offering the reassurance of risk reduction through an additional safety barrier.

The three-year contract for the in-riser system is valued at over $15 million.

Expro’s high-debris single ball system, which delivers shear and post shear seal on a multitude of sizes of coiled tubing, slickline, and electrical cable, is a solution for both gas and liquid. Its versatility makes it suitable for deployment in both in-riser or open water environments.

It is NACE MR0175 compliant and qualified for sour hydrogen sulfide environments. Bi-directional sealing is available even after a pump-through. The mechanism has been qualified to API 17G standard for the performance and design of subsea well intervention equipment. Its ability to handle up to 15% debris is a significant improvement over alternative mechanisms used in this environment today.

Expro’s shear and seal valve is available in the ELSA-HP 15ksi enhanced landing string assembly. It can be configured as a single valve, a single valve with a latch mechanism, or as a conventional subsea test tree arrangement. Expro is currently integrating the shear and seal ball system into its ELSA-HD 10ksi equipment and open water offerings.

“We are proud to offer our innovative shear and seal solution to meet the needs of this important customer in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Graham Cheyne, Expro’s Vice President of Subsea Well Access. “Our cutting-edge technology propels the industry’s momentum towards increased automation, improving safety on the rig floor by minimizing personnel and mitigating human error, while providing an additional safety barrier. It offers operators with flexibility for their operations in both in-riser and open-water subsea applications.

“We are honored to further strengthen our long-standing partnership with this customer by consistently delivering new ways of enhancing their installation safety and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the overall advancement of the industry.”


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