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Equinor anticipates faster ramp-up, higher plateau at Johan Sverdrup

Johan Sverdrup is expected to reach plateau production its first phase in early May, earlier than its anticipated summer peak date.

Equinor, the operator of the massive North Sea offshore development, said that daily production has already exceeded 430,000 bbl/d of oil. Due to higher plant capacity, plateau production will increase from around 440,000 bbl/d of oil to around 470,000 bbl/d.

“Field production has been very good and stable from day one, and the wells have produced even better than expected,” Rene Nedregaard, Vice President for Johan Sverdrup Operations at Equinor, said in a statement. “We are currently completing the tenth well. This work is progressing smoothly, helping reach higher production earlier than expected. We also expect to increase plant capacity.”

Johan Sverdrup came on stream last October. Phase 2 of the project, which is scheduled to begin in late 2022, will produce 690,000 bbl/d of oil at its plateau. Expected recoverable reserves in the field are 2.7 billion boe, and Equinor said its ambition is to recover more than 70% of those reserves.

“We are working systematically with our partners to increase value creation from the field and ensure an optimal recovery factor,” Nedregaard said.

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