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Ensco launches Continuous Tripping Technology

Ensco has announced its Continuous Tripping Technology, a new proprietary solution that provides more efficient and safer pipe tripping and helps to lower customers’ offshore project costs. The patented technology, in concert with other key equipment, sensors and process controls, fully automates the movement of the drillstring into or out of the well at a constant controlled speed. When deployed during offshore activities, it enables pipe-tripping speeds of up to 9,000 ft/hr – up to three times faster than tripping times achieved by current conventional stand-by-stand methods.

The technology can be retrofitted to both floaters and jackups. It is well-suited for ultra-deepwater drillships and larger modern jackups. Ensco recently completed the installation of the technology on ENSCO 123, and commissioning of this system is underway. Upon completion of the system’s commissioning and the rig’s acceptance testing, ENSCO 123 is expected to be delivered in March 2019.

“Continuous Tripping Technology is a step-change efficiency improvement that uses automation and innovative technology to address a repetitive, time-consuming process that is ubiquitous in offshore projects today,” Carl Trowell, President and CEO, said. “Tripping pipe is on the critical path for all drilling and workover activities and, as a result, meaningful time is spent performing this process over the life cycle of every offshore well. Continuous Tripping Technology significantly reduces the amount of time spent tripping pipe, and the faster tripping time that this technology offers is expected to lead to cost savings for customers regardless of water depth or well type.”

In addition to increased efficiencies, the technology makes the pipe-tripping process safer by using automation to eliminate human error and personnel exposure associated with the conventional stand-by-stand method. Further, the technology delivers a constant speed that minimizes surge and swab pressure on the wellbore by eliminating intermittent stopping and starting, as well as excessive peak speeds that typically occur when using current industry practices. 

“Continuous Tripping Technology is another example of our ongoing investments in innovation that are focused on developing systems, processes and technologies to make the drilling process more efficient and lower offshore project costs for customers,” Mr Trowell said. “We continue to see better utilization for rigs that deliver the greatest efficiencies for customers’ offshore well programs and, given the proprietary nature of Continuous Tripping Technology, we expect that it will help to further differentiate Ensco’s assets from the competition and position us well for future contracting opportunities.”

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  1. excellent technology! can you please share your brochure on this technology for my reference. I am considering this technology for my future deepwater project. appreciate if you can contact me at my email.

    thank you.

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