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Eni makes new discovery offshore Mexico

Eni has announced a new discovery on the Yopaat-1 EXP exploration well in Block 9, approximately 63 km off the coast in the mid-deep water of the Cuenca Salina in the Sureste Basin, offshore Mexico. Preliminary estimates indicate a discovered potential of around 300-400 mboe of oil and associated gas in place.

The well has been drilled in a water depth of 525 m and reached a total depth of 2,931 m. The overall estimate of resources in place currently exceeds 1.3 bboe, which allows Eni to advance with studies towards a potential future “Hub” development, including the discoveries and other prospects present in the area, in synergy with the infrastructures located nearby.

Currently, Eni is the main foreign operator in the country and holds rights in eight exploration and production blocks in the Sureste Basin in the Gulf of Mexico. The Block 9 joint venture consists of Eni as operator with a 50% participating interest, and Repsol with the remaining 50%.

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